What is a POS purchase?

Point of sale systems have been making the lives of retailers, merchants and restaurateurs a lot easier for years. As technology advances, more traditional cash registers have started falling out of favor; new point sale systems make it easier for business owners and their employees to learn and operate a more efficient and useful system that quite simply functions as another employee.

As we move forward, let’s get back to basics and clear up any confusion between the terms POS, POS system and POS purchase.

What is a POS?

“POS” is an abbreviation for point of sale. A POS or point of sale generally means any location where a sale or transaction may take place. For retailers and restaurateurs, POS traditionally means the area surrounding the cashier or counter where payment is accepted during checkout.

If you look at the bigger picture, a POS or point of sale can easily mean a mall, a market or a city because these are locations where something likely is going to get bought or sold. Point of sale is also referred to as a point of purchase.