Point of Sale in the Retaurant Industry

Point of Sale Systems have truly revolutionized the restaurant industry. It is most evident in fast food franchises. The chains make use of systems that generally use TCP/IP to network all of their POS Stations into a centralized mainframe server. Most of the POS Systems being used these days are made up of a touchscreen display, which helps speed up the whole order-taking process. The accuracy of these systems have helped decrease the time taked to serve and increase the efficiency of the order process.

POS Systems drastically cut down total operating costs and mistakes due to human error. Just imagine how much longer the order process would take if no such solutions existed? For instance, a customer drives upto the drive-thru window and places the order. Then the cashier takes down the order (probably on a piece of paper), receives payment, brings the order slip to the kitchen area for them to start cooking the order then hands it to the customer. The few seconds it takes to walk back and forth, although may not seem like much – heavily impacts the overall quantity & quality of the daily sales.